brush deburring machine / for sheet metal



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    for sheet metal


RASAMAX MONO is a very efficient system when it comes to deburring, being suitable for notched steel metal edges. The product was designed for deburring portable sized sheet metal components, with contours and notches and the ergonomic shape is included to provide optimal working conditions. The sheets supported must benefit from a thickness of up to 6 mm, while the RASAMAX MONO is also suitable for deburring small batches and single pieces as well.

The user can simply guide the sheet along the rotating high perforamnce brush, which provides oxide layer removal and burr that are reliable. The piece is then turned over to machine the bottom and the top edge, while the special design comes with an extended brush, allowing the deburring of open contours as well. The manual guiding of the sheet to be machined along the rotating deburring brush uses slight pressure, while all corners and angles are deburred without any residue.