tube deburring machine / for profiles / automatic



  • Applications:

    for tubes, for profiles

  • Other characteristics:



This gives mass production of profile deburring. The RASAMAT Automat deburrs both workpiece faces simultaneously. The Rasamat is an automatic feed through system using a conveyor that has up to 1,800 pieces an hour. The Workpiece size is switchable within seconds that uses an automated parameters entered via the control console and through the use of workpiece data copied from another machine. There needs no other additional set-up. Based on volumes, the RASAMAT Automat will payoff for its cost within 6 months. Investment costs are manageable engineering cost for integrating it into the existing production low. This allows a three fold-increase in production over a semi automated solution. The RASAMAT Automat is usually linked with the upstream separation system. Additionally, machining modules will also connect to the deburring workpiece.