PLC-controlled tray forming machine / horizontal / hot-melt glue



  • Operating mode:

    PLC-controlled, horizontal

  • Type:

    hot-melt glue


The suction cups pick up the blank from the horizontal magazine. The blank is then unloaded onto the guides and carried by the main chain, which is pushed from the rear to a position underneath the rear hot-melt glue guns that apply the glue stitches indicated in the program. Then, the blank is transferred into the forming area, is centered perfectly and the cycle starts. The mold pushes the blank into the hopper and strong pressure is applied between the side flaps and the side of the tray being glued with the glue still hot during the forming piston stroke. The tray stops between the four spring stopping devices in order for the mold to come out easily. The top flaps are folded by four pneumatic cylinders (one for each corner so as to better follow the punching operation). Four side pressers fold and glue the flaps along the side of the box. During this operation, slight pressure is applied between the tray top flaps and the four pneumatic stopping devices at the bottom of the box to make sure the sizes and squaring are correct. The operating cycle is PLC-controlled, according to specific parameters previously set in the program with the color interface. Up to 80 sizes can be saved and are controlled in hundredths of a second to optimize and compensate for special weather conditions and/or conditions of the cardboard used.