filter gas purifier / nitrogen

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filter gas purifier / nitrogen filter gas purifier / nitrogen - PS4-MT3/15


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  • Air flow:

    Max.: 75 l/min (19.8 us gal/min)

    Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)


Research has shown that point-of-use gas purification ensures consistent and repeatable process performance. Point-of-Use Purification isolates critical process areas from house gas distribution systems and protects against gas purity upsets and cross-contamination. Purifiers from SAES provide 99.9999999% purity, which is better than gas from cylinder or liquid sources. MonoTorr PS4 heated getter purifiers provide the most complete removal of impurities for Rare Gases, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. The heated Getter material forms irreversible chemical bonds with any oxide, carbide and nitride impurities. MonoTorr is the only purifier technology capable of removing all Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen from process gases.