silver oxide battery / primary / high-power



  • Type:

    silver oxide

  • Other characteristics:

    primary, high-power

  • Nominal voltage:

    Max.: 210 V

    Min.: 28 V


Saft offers a range of both primary and rechargeable Silver-zinc battery systems for combat and exercise torpedoes.

Our primary systems meet the PB47, DM2A1, DM2A3, MAIT6 and MK61 requirements, while our rechargeable silver-zinc battery technology has been developed with STN Atlas (propulsion of SST4, SUT, Mk44, A184 torpedoes) and BAE Systems (propulsion of the Tigerfish combat torpedoes). This type of battery is currently being used by more than 15 navies worldwide.

For reasons of safety and performance (shelf life more than eight years), the batteries are only activated by electrolyte injection at the last minute.

Features & Benefits
High-energy density and power
Maximum safety
Long storage life