specific gravity cup

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specific gravity cup specific gravity cup - SADC296


A stainless steel or anodized aluminum precision instrument for determining the specific weight of paints and similar products. A tolerance of 0.1% is guaranteed.

Testing is carried out in accordance with ISO at 23±2℃. This instrument consists of a cylindrical container and cover with a hole for exhaust of excess liquid for any excess Paint(or Ink)to be removed when the cup cover is pressing tightly. By doing so, will also ensure that no air bubbles(or pockets of air)are being trapped.

Procedure :

Weight cleaned density cup empty and record weigh
Temper density cup and test liquid(20℃±0.5)
Fill density cup
Put cover on without tilting
Avoid air bubbles
Remove overflowing liquid carefully with absorbent cloth
Weight filled density cup
Calculate density: Density = weight of filled cup (g) - weight of empty cup (g) ./. Volume of density cup (ml)

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