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electrostatic spray unit
PPH 707 2K

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electrostatic spray unit electrostatic spray unit - PPH 707 2K


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PPH 707 SB 2K is a sprayer dedicated to the electrostatic application with internal charge of 2 component liquid paints. It is equipped with the static mixer located just before the bellcup injector which helps to
reduce the mixed paint volume to only 2cc (0.07 oz).

- Low material loss
- High reliability
- Easy to maintain


- High rotating speed
- High voltage unit
- Hi-TE dual shaping air
- 2K mixing component


- Static mixer in the head
- Valve close to mixer
- Remote bell monitoring device
- Easy to upgrade PPH 707 SB to 2K (same TCP and body)


- High reliability for automotive paintshop
- Microvalves with bellow available for abrasive materials
- Long-life high voltage unit
- 2.5 million cycle life of valves
- Titanium bellcup for longer life
- *7 years/30,0000h warranty turbine
- Easy to maintain
- Easy disassembly of parts in contact with hardener
- No mixed material in robot arm
- No mixed material can return back in the circuit
- Magnetic bellcup fastening system
- Quick disconnect

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