cyclone separator / particle / metal / waste
DS 630



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    particle, metal, waste, for bulk materials, granulates, powder, dry materials, chip, plastic

  • Application domain:

    process, for the chemical industry, for the plastics industry

  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, vertical, automatic, high-efficiency, high-performance, easy cleaning, dry, high-intensity, universal, iron


Designed for continuous, injector sandblasting, this unit effectively keeps blasting media free of contaminants, helping to achieve better and more consistent results.

During blasting, media is suctioned into the abrasive separator, where dust and contaminants are removed. The cleaned media then returns to the cabinet for reblasting.

Such a solution allows for closed-cycle blasting and a more efficient use of the blasting media.

In addition, the separator is equipped with an in-built strainer, which sifts debris (eg. chips of glass or metal from the sanblasted object) from the media.

Height of the machine: 2850 mm