temperature test chamber / climatic / vibration / with temperature and climatic control



  • Type:

    temperature, climatic, vibration

  • Options and accessories:

    with temperature and climatic control

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 600 l (159 gal)

    Max.: 2,200 l (581 gal)

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -70 °C (-94 °F)

    Max.: 180 °C (356 °F)


Applicable industries:
Aerospace, marine, automotive and other electronic products for testing environmental adaptability, reliability evaluation and product design defects in the early detection and process defects screening,etc.

Sanwood Temperature/humidity/vibration Combined Test Chamber is integrated with mechanical stress test such as temperature, humidity and vibration. When the test system is working, the (high temperature,low temperature and temperature change) stress ,temperature stress, vibration stress and the electric stress should be applied to the specified combination mode and the periodic space operation, simultaneously or separately. Compared with the single stress, it has the advantages of more real environment simulation, higher testing efficiency, etc.

Product features:
1. Temperature heating rate can be reached 40C/min
2. Specially designed dry air equipment, to protect the sample surface condense during the testing
3.Color screen 32 bit control system, Ethernet E management , USB data storage function, APP mobile platform management
4. Programmable load power 4 ON/OFF output control, to protect the products safety
5. Unique air circulation system
6. Equipped with equipment overload, overheat, abnormal power supply, over pressure, fault detection, etc.
7. Humanized design for test procedure, like intelligent power off reset, automatic memory continued and automatic origin starting function, etc.
8. Independent anti condensation function and over temperature, smoke protection function
9. Auto return to room temperature setting
10. Remote control function( optional)