video measuring machine / 3D / CNC / fully-automatic



  • Technology:

    video, 3D

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, fully-automatic


Desktop 3D coordinate measuring machine

Product applications:
Mainly used for the measurement of geometric size, type and position tolerances of size measurement, curve, profile measurement, engineering design, development, two-dimensional, ratio measurement; through the probe contact with professional measurement software, the measurement results of digital data; such as blind, sink hole, angle, height, slope, aspect, step that point, line, circle, arc, and so on; to achieve the effect of precision measurement. The level of accuracy at the UM level.

Basic function:
1.AC-OPTIC has three coordinate measuring functions, flexibly control the contact type probe point, line, circle, ellipse, planar, cylindrical, conical, spherical, square groove, circular groove, ring, curve, surface and other evaluation of three-dimensional geometry measurement and related tolerances.
2, it can automatically program measurement and improve work efficiency
3. Save print measurement result and measurement report. Format of measurement report output, Word, Excel, TX and so on
4, Window operating system, Chinese, English and German conversion

Technical parameters
1.Measuring range X×Y×Z: 400mm×300mm×200mm
2.Space dimension: 1420mm×790mm×1680mm
3. Maximum load: 50kg
4. Grating:Imported British RENISHAW 0.0005MM
5. Machine weight: 300kg
6.Indicating error: (4.0+L/200)m
7.Motor: servo motor