environmental stress screening test chamber / humidity and temperature / for wire / for aircraft



  • Type:

    environmental stress screening, humidity and temperature

  • Applications:

    for wire, for aircraft

  • Options and accessories:

    with temperature and climatic control

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 1,500 l (396 gal)

    Min.: 80 l (21 gal)

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 180 °C (356 °F)

    Min.: -70 °C (-94 °F)


ESS Test Chamber description:

ESS test chamber is suitable for the whole product, parts and materials for high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature circulating and temperature stress screening (ESS) test, and constant humidity and cyclic damp heat test. This type of machine mainly used to simulate the product in climate conditions, a temperature and humidity conditions or at ambient temperature and humidity conditions, detecting the product features and the adapt change ability. It’s the aviation, automobiles, home appliances, research and other fields necessary test equipment.
SANWOOD ESS Test Chamber advantages:

1.ESS Test Chamber Can set the temperature variable rate of the different stress screening
2.Environmental stress screening (ESS) test chamber Can perform a rapid temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc.
3.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment
4.Switching temperature and average temperature these two kinds of test methods
5.Environmental stress screening test chamberCan set a variety of stress screening (fast temperature change rate) 5deg C/min, 10deg C/min, 15deg C/min experimental conditions
6.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment MIL-STD-2164, MIL-344A-4-16, MIL-2134A-19, NABMAT-9492, GJB-1032-90, GJB/Z34-5.1.6, IPC-9701....ETC.
7.Can carry out the two test methods, temperature test and average temperature test
8.With aluminum sheet test machine load capacity (non plastic load)