video measuring machine / confocal / non-contact

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video measuring machine / confocal / non-contact video measuring machine / confocal / non-contact - SM2515PC


  • Technology:

    video, confocal

  • Other characteristics:



TL Manual Type Image Measurement Instrument

Product Feature :
00 granite base + column, high stability
LED lighting system
High-resolution color CCD, high-definition image effects, high-quality picture
XY axis manual, Z-axis autofocus, automatic program-controlled light source, convenient and quick

Equipment use:
Mainly for geometry measurement, dimensional tolerance measurement, curve, profile measurement, engineering design, development, two-dimensional measurement, comparison measurement, etc.; through the optical lens imaging, combined with professional measurement software, the measurement results are digitized, Data, such as blind holes, countersinks, angles, heights, slopes, cuts, steps, points, lines, circles, arcs, etc.

Application industry:
Electronics, machinery, hardware, molds, rubber (soft, hard plastic), injection molding, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision hardware, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, home appliances, computers (computers), mobile phones, LCD TVs (LCD), printed circuit boards (circuit boards, PCBs), watches, automobiles, medical equipment, education and scientific research, military industry, instrumentation, etc.