drying oven / natural convection



  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    natural convection


Product features:
● Mirror finished stainless steel liner, semicircle design(Four corners), easy cleaning, rack adjustable.
● Natural convection Cycle way, noiseless, avoiding the volatilization of samples.
● Over-temperature protection, digital P.I.D temperature controller with time setting function, accuracy temperature control.
● Independent temperature warning system; sound-light alarm(optional choice).
● Printer or RS485 port inside; Temperature recording(Optional choice).

◆Multi-segments Programmable controller
● Multi-segments Programmable controller, data focus, Menu operation interface, simplify the complicated experimental process, truly put automatic control into effect(optional choice).
● Multi-segments temperature, circulation velocity, timing and heating rate can be set and programmed together. Gradient Acceleration Control, automatic start-up and shut down function.
● 7 programs, 9 steps per program can be preset, Timing setting from 0~5999 min.