humidity and temperature test chamber / climatic / UV light aging / thermal shock



  • Type:

    humidity and temperature, climatic, UV light aging, thermal shock, vibration, salt spray corrosion, dust

  • Applications:

    for wire

  • Options and accessories:

    accelerated, with temperature and climatic control, stainless steel, UV


SANWOOD UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber (hereinafter referred as BUV)adopts fluorescent UV lamp as the light source. Its inner temperature and humidity can be properly controlled to obtain the periodic condensation on the sample for fully evaluating the damaged factor caused by sunlight, moisture and temperature (materials aging phenomenon includes fading, disluster, intensity reduction, cracking, flaking, chalking, and oxidation).
Fluorescent UV light can emulate the effect of sunshine, while condensation and water spray system can emulate the effects of rain and dew. During the test, radiation energy and temperature are controllable. A typical test cycle generally carries out under strong irradiation of UV light or in the dark and wet condensation period with 100% relative humidity. These tests generally applied in the fields of paint and coatings, automotive industry, plastic, wood, glue, etc…

Main Technical Parameters
■ Light Source: UV-A (wave length 340 nm) or UV-B (wave length 313 nm) ;
40W×8 pcs (The normal use-life is 6,000 hours)
■ The range of Irradiance: 0.1 W/m2 ~1.0 W/m2
■ Temperature Range:Black Panel temperature(BPT):RT+10℃~80℃
■ Interior of cabinet:Stainless steel -SUS 304 material
■ Exterior of cabinet:Powder coating on SUS 304
■ Insolating Area:5,175cm2/828in2
■ Sample Capacity:48 pieces of standard specimen(75×150mm standard samples or 15 pieces of 100×300mm
■ Adjustable range for water supply: 0-4LPM
■ Water Consumption:7L/day(for condensation;4L/minute(for spray)
■ Overall Size:1,360×520×1,310mm(L×W×H)
■ Net Weight:165 kg
■ Total Max. Power:3KW
■ Power:220VAC±10%    50/60Hz;15A ( Max Electric Current )