solar simulation test chamber / for solar panels / for composite materials / with temperature and climatic control



  • Type:

    solar simulation

  • Applications:

    for solar panels, for composite materials

  • Options and accessories:

    with temperature and climatic control, with xenon arc lamp

  • Capacity:

    400 l, 600 l, 1,000 l, 3,600 l (106 gal)

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -70 °C (-94 °F)

    Max.: 80 °C (176 °F)


Product applications:
The xenon lamp weathering tester uses a xenon lamp as a light source to best simulate the full-spectrum sunlight, and appropriately controls the temperature and humidity to periodically generate precipitation on the sample to fully obtain sunlight, moisture and Effects of temperature on the destruction of polymer materials (material aging includes fading, loss of light, reduced strength, cracking, spalling, chalking, and oxidation).

Main technical parameters
1. Exterior size: (length × width × height) 980 * 1350 * 1850mm Approx
2. studio size: (length × width × height) 780*780*800 mm
3. the number of sample frames: 65pcs, can be placed on the standard model 65 blocks.
4. Blackboard thermometer; Insulated black standard thermometer + Blackboard thermometer
5. blackboard temperature range: RT +10 °C ~ 100 °C
6. temperature fluctuation: within ± 0.5°C, temperature uniformity(light):±3.0°C, Temperature uniformity(dark):±2.0°C
7. studio humidity range: SUN light 10% -90% ,no light 10% -100%
8. the sample rotating disk speed: around the lamp center 1 ~ 7r/min (adjustable) rotation
9. Irradiance can be set range: 0.3-1.5w/m2 @340nm
0.75-2.8w/m2 @420nm
30-150w/m2 @300-400nm
10. xenon lamp tube power: 6.5 KW (water-cooled arc lamp)
11. the maximum total power of the whole machine: 10KW
12. Filter: ATLAS original filter Fully simulate indoor or outdoor solar spectrum
13. lamp life: normal use in 2000 hours
14. pure water flow; humidification 0.2L/min, sample spray 0.6L/min, model rack spray 0.6L/min
15. humidification: ultrasonic humidifier control humidification
16. studio material: SUS304
17. machine total weight: 493 kg (without packaging)

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