cooling test chamber / for materials testing machines / with xenon arc lamp



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    for materials testing machines

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    with xenon arc lamp


Ordering Information →SM- 862 Xenon lamp weathering test chamber
Technical Item ↓
Xenon Lamp6.5 KW water cooling long arc xenon lamp
Light FilterImport originally from ATLAS, can simulate indoor or outdoor sunshine spectrum
Exposure Area6,500 cm2
Wave Length of Xenon Spectrum
Can select 300-800nm(simulate sunshine,filtrate all wavelength under 300nm

)or 280-800nm (Add UV wave,keep some short-wave of UV)

Adjustable Irradiance0.3~1.5 W/ m2 (Single point of control: 340nm)
0.5~2.7 W/ m2 (Single point of control: 420nm)
30 W/m2~150 W/ m2 (Full spectrum :from 300~400nm)
Lifetime of lamps2,000 hours
Adjustable BPTRT+20℃~110℃
Temperature Stability±1℃
Temperature Uniformity≤2℃
Temperature Declination≤±1℃
Adjustable HumidityLight:10%-85% Dark:10%-95%
Rotate speed of sample1~7 r/min(circle as lamp centre)
Spray FunctionCan set spray continuous time and spray period
Water demandsHigh purity deionized water(Conductivity<2us/cm)
Flow of Deionized Water0.2L/min
Overall Size1,200*1,200*2,000mm(L*W*H)
Weight850 KG
Optional Pure Water MachineSize:620*650*1600(L*W*H)
Cabinet MaterialWhole chamber is made up of good quality stainless steel (SUS304)
Chamber DoorSimple door to left with filter window;silicon rubber seal the door edge
Sample Crack
Stainless steel material, its position in the chamber can be adjusted(up, middle or down)

, Sample crack rotate around the centre of lamp

ControllerSiemens programmable controller. LCD touch-screen
Way of adding humidityAdd humidity by ultrasonic humidifier
Black panel thermometerHeat insulate type black standard thermometer
Cooling SystemCooled by compressor and forced-air blast syste

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