UV test chamber / environmental

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UV test chamber / environmental UV test chamber / environmental


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UV lamp weathering test chamber Feature

◆ Original UVA or UVB lamps from America, ensure the comparability of testing results.

All BUV machines use fluorescent UV lamps produced by Amercian as testing light source, comparing with other type lamps (including Xenon Lamps), UV lamps are more stable. Its spectrum power distribution won’t change as the lamps weathering, even to 6,000 hours. Thus more repeatable testing results can be achieved easily, and decrease changing lamps times and reduce the running cost..

Furthermore, these lamps from Amercian are produced on the base of more than 40 years’ experience and fluorescent technology. It is designed specially and tested with most serious quality control.

◆ With Original Intellectual Property Rights and Initiated in China, our ballast can extend the lamp lift to 6,000 hours, save use-cost greatly for users.

◆ Irradiance can be calibrated automatically

◆ Water Spray and Condensation function

Water spray

For some applications, the water spray can simulate end-use environmental conditions better. Water spray can effectively simulate heat shock or mechanical erosion caused by dramatic temperature changes or rain. In some practical application conditions, such as a sudden brash in a sunshine day, can bring heat shock because the temperature of the material changes drastically. This heat shock severely tests the properties of many materials. BUV water spray can simulate this heat shock and / or stress corrosion.