UV test chamber / aging / development

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UV test chamber / aging / development UV test chamber / aging / development


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Sanwood is a company with professional research and development, sales of UV Test Chamber ,UV Lamp Aging Test Chamber,UV aging chamber,UV aging test chamber,UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber,UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber for 23 years.
The ultraviolet light of the UV lamp can reproduce the effects of sunlight, and the condensation and water spray system can reproduce the effects of rain and dew.The radiation energy and temperature can be controlled throughout the test cycle.The typical test cycle is usually ultraviolet light irradiation at high temperatures and relative humidity in the 100% dark moisture condensation cycle.Typical applications is in paint coating, automotive industry, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.
UV Test Chamber application

UV Lamp aging test chamber is applicable for the sunlight resistant test of nonmetallic materials and aging test of artificial light sources. A variety of industrial products can make the reliability test, and this product can simulate the product in the sun, rain, humidity and dew conditions, including damage caused by bleaching, color, brightness down, powder, crack, blur, brittle, intensity decreased and oxidation.