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crawler crane / boom / lattice / construction



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, lattice

  • Operating environment:

    construction, building, for mining applications, for railway applications

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, lifting, loading, for heavy-duty applications

  • Lift capacity:

    Max.: 260,000 kg (287 lb)

    Min.: 1 kg (2 lb)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 86 m (282'01")

    Min.: 20 m (65'07")


Sany SCC2600 crawler crane's maximum lifting capacity is 260 tons, with multifunctional boom system, the crane may support a combination of up to 11 types of operating conditions. The 260 ton crawler tower suits for various business requirements.
Superior Performance
Powerful Lifting Capacity
Tier 3 engine with rated power of 242kw (324hp)@2100rpm, rated torque of 1424Nm@1500rpm; the maximum lifting capacity of boom is 1470.4t•m (183.8t × 8m) and the longest boom length is 86m, maximum lifting capacity of luffing jib is 1125t•m (62.5t × 18m) and the longest boom combination is 62 m+63m.
New Lift Operating Condition Design
The operating condition of 20m boom + 12m heavy fixed jib is adopted to meet the lifting requirement of shield machine used for subway construction and similar products. The auxiliary hook is larger enough to lift the heavy object up to 96t. The load moment limiter indicator can dynamically reflect the loading capacities of main and auxiliary hooks.
Efficient Self-Handling Technology
The mast can be easily lifted, and the clutch traction winch reeving operation can be done simply by pressing one button; it can support the machine self-disassembly; the quick-change rope connectors and winch rope head can be used.
Reliable Function Guarantee
Sufficient safety margin in structural and mechanical design; the control system runs stably even in extreme cold / hot weather, high altitude and sandy regions.
Max Lifting Capacity: 260t Max Lifting Moment: 1470.4t·m Boom Length: 86m Full-extend (boom+luffing jib) 62+63m
Engine Model Cummins QSL9-C325 Rated output power 242 /2100kW/rpm