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medium excavator / crawler / Tier 4 - final / construction



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    Tier 4 - final

  • Applications:

    construction, mining and quarrying, for tunnels

  • Operating weight:

    23,430 kg (51,654.3 lb)

  • Engine power:

    122 kW (165.87 hp)


SY215C 23.4 ton excavator features customized engine, strengthened components, high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and comfort cabin.

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Working Efficiency Up by 8%

Innovative controller with faster consumption and more accuracy reduces the response time of hydraulic elements, lowers the internal power loss of the system and increases the operating output power.

Fuel Consumption Down by 10%

The positive flow controlled by hydraulic system considerably reduces fuel consumption. Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides a real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Four power modes maximize fuel economy.