analog converter module / digital / CAN / wireless



  • Type:

    analog, digital

  • Bus:


  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, 6 ports


The Satel I-LINK 100 I/O converter is linked with the SATELLINK product family. It works in the combination with SATELLINE radio modems to facilitate transparent transfer of the analog signals and contact information from one place to another. It works in the point-to-point operating mode to have a solid connection between two points. I-LINK 100 can be operated in the Point-to-Multipoint mode to conveniently transfer information between the Master station and several Slave Stations.

I-LINK 100 features a modular design with advanced technology in the field. There are 4 digital I/O ports with built-in relays and 2 analog I/O ports. It has the same type of extension modules to increase the capacity of the unit and the same type of I-LINK 200 is available, or the unit can be equipped with the 6 digital I/O ports (I-LINK 300). 3 extension modules of a maximum level can be added. The dedicated I-LINK PC software is available to run the unit in the Multipoint operating mode to provide easy system for the monitoring and configuring of the I-LINK 100 parameters to match the requirements of the system.