construction site electrical enclosure / equipped / plastic / power distribution
BLOCK series



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    power distribution, for construction sites

  • Other characteristics:


  • Width:

    Min.: 110 mm (4 in)

    Max.: 212 mm (8 in)

  • Height:

    Min.: 280 mm (11 in)

    Max.: 415 mm (16 in)

  • Depth:

    Min.: 95 mm (4 in)

    Max.: 114 mm (4 in)


BLOCK Series distribuction assemblies have a very compact size and can therefore supply a restricted number of small to medium appliances.
BLOCK Series distribution assemblies are made of thermoplastiqc material DOMINO and feature the same versatility and performance as the DOMINO Series. The pre-wired versions can be used on construction sites as well, since they meet the requiresement of the EN60439-4 standard for construction site distribution assemblies.