volumetric feeder / continuous / for bulk materials / compact
AccuRate® series



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    for bulk materials

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The AccuRate® series volumetric feeding systems are extensively designed to suit every feeding application. We have built the system with a know how of bulk feeding experience. Economy, flexibility and easy integration into existing production lines are the most distinguished properties of the feeding system. Schenck Process volumetric feeders offer all bulk solid feeding needs with the most cost-effective solution which is proved with its 30,000 units sale record which offers a tribute to the products remarkable output figures.
With capacity of approximately 0.1/h up to 8,000I/h feeding range, the system proves ideal for continuous feeding, charging and batching. It is capable to process up to 10 mm particle size bulk solids which can be added to or removed from processes. The feeder also enables to feed additives and compounders as as well as the forming of batches. The exterior agitation paddles is designed with agitator-free feeding technology with gentle product discharge.

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