seam welding machine / manual / longitudinal / corner



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    longitudinal, corner, steel


Various products require boxes with rounded corners. Most of these boxes are formed from a pre-cut stainless steel sheet which is welded into final shape on the flat intersection of the rounded corners and the sides. Manual welding of these straight seams requires highly skilled welders and laborious manual rework and finishing.

ELENA 800-II-BOX has been specifically designed to weld the seams on rounded corner boxes. This semi-automatic longitudinal seam welder consistently produces high quality results, without discolouration, which require only minimal post weld rework. The machine is an excellent investment with a short payback period due to significant reduction in manual labour levels.

The main application is welding of the internal box / liners of H2 and H3 rated stainless steel cabinets, complying to Standard DIN 18865-9 (Equipment for commercial kitchens – Food distribution equipment – Part 9: Equipment- internals - basic hygiene version).

Other applications involving rounded corner boxes include ultrasonic cleaners, transport containers for pharmaceutical or food processing application and high quality domestic stainless steel furniture.