mechanical laboratory agitator / vortex / analog

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mechanical laboratory agitator / vortex / analog mechanical laboratory agitator / vortex / analog


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  • Motion type:


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  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 2,500 rpm (15,708 rad.min-1)


Powerful and thorough vortexing of multiple samples
The Multi-Pulse Vortexer is especially suitable for vortexing of multiple samples. The standard version has space for 22 reagent flasks. The powerful drive system (max. 2,500 rpm) ensures for a thorough mixing of even the toughest samples.The speed range is continuously adjustable (non-stepped). The contents of tubes remain visible during mixing, and sample can be added to uncapped tubes without stopping the action.

Resersible pulse function
Sampling substances with a tendency to form layers present no problem for the Multi-Pulse Vortexer. The system reversible pulse function interrupts the vortexing process briefly toallow thorough mixing to take place. The pulse frequency is infinitely adjustable (non-stepped).

The addition of beads made from glass or steel to the sample substance causes homogenisation of the material. The pulsing feature grants for a complete homogenisation of the entire sample.