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glass tissue grinder glass tissue grinder


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Depending on the task, you can choose between homogenisers with teflon pestles or glass pestles in conical or cylindrical shape. Homogenisers and pestles are of a precise shape and consequently separate exchangeable.

Tapered or cylindrical?

Two zones of homogenising are combined. Using the tapered zone the material will be
"pre-homogenised", using the cylindrical zone the material will be "smooth-homogenised"
If the material is smooth enough, only a cylindrical homogeniser is necessary.
Some cylindrical homogenisers are suitable for centrifugation on the homogenate without transfer into
another tube.

Homogeniser with teflon pestle.

Tapered or cylindrical. Shaft made of stainless steel.
Inert. Elastic. With smooth, wax-like, moisture-rejecting surface. Resistant against high temperatures. Also glass-fiber reinforced available, highly efficient with tough material.

Homogeniser with glass pestle.

Tapered or cylindrical. V/ith robust glass shaft.
Ground-glass surface in cylindrical/tapered part. Highly efficient with tough tissue.