gas leak detector / ultrasonic / portable / with visual alarm

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gas leak detector gas leak detector - SDT340


  • Detected fluid:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    portable, with visual alarm, with headphone, with audible signal, mobile, data logger, with graphic display

  • Applications:

    for industry, for small leaks, for watertightness tests, for storage tanks, for gas pipes, for hatch covers


The SDT340 Data Collector, together with the UAS4.0 Analysis Software, is a multidisciplinary predictive maintenance solution adapted to the specific needs of the industry. Check the health of your machines, predict failures and control energy costs by combining ultrasound, vibration, temperature and rotational speed. Organize effectively your predictive maintenance program from UAS4.0, the cross-platform and multi-technology software that manages and analyzes your data from your desktop, server, or in the cloud.

Applications :

- MECHANICAL: Detect defects in any mechanical system.
- LEAKS: Find pressure and vacuum leaks in noisy conditions.
- LUBRICATION: Avoid over/under lubrication. Grease bearings right.
- ELECTRICAL: Inspect medium and high voltage systems for arcing, tracking and corona.
- VALVES: Asses valve tightness.
- STEAM: Find faulty steam traps and leaking components.
- HYDRAULICS: Troubleshoot any hydraulic system for passing and blockages.
- TIGHTNESS: Determine the tightness of any enclosed volume.


- Enhance productivity in the field with on-screen time signal, spectrum, split screen view, and icon navigation
- Experience enhanced impact detection with focUS Mode. See defects others simply cannot
- Pan and expand your time signal or spectrum and list the highest values to improve in-field diagnosis
- With over 4 GB of storage, record data longer on slow speed machines and never run out of memory
- Record time waveform data up to 10 minutes in duration with enhanced signal data
- Recall historical data for trending and alarming in-the-field acquisition
- The intuitive interface to UAS4.0 allows for data collection in “off-route” mode