insert drilling tool / for stainless steel / for hardened steel / carbide
Crownloc® SD100 series



  • Type:


  • Drilled material:

    for hardened steel, for stainless steel

  • Drill bit material:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, with internal coolant, twist

  • Diameter :

    Max.: 26 mm

    Min.: 10 mm


SECO Crownloc® eliminates large stock of drills than braised drills. A cost-effective solution since it produces more holes and reduce downtimes with its easy and fast changing drill. These are built with exchangeable crown locks and coated drill body, making it highly efficient due to its consistent life. With its original crown locking system, it comes in different geometries (P, M, K), drill crown diameters and drill body lengths. These versatile drills has excellent guidance and self-centering geometry. Produces high cutting speeds at low cost. Suitable for every drilling needs involving steel, stainless-steel, hardened steel, super alloys and cast iron.