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brazing furnace / chamber / electric / nitrogen



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PROCESS: The CwproBraze 9 process is a
brazing process specifically developed for the
manufacturing of automotive and heavy-duty
industrial heat exchangers. By using high
strength copper alloys it is possible to manu-
facture light, strong, efficient and compact
heat exchangers at a low cost with this envi-
ronmentally friendly, lead-free process. The
brazing of CwproBraze* radiators uses a non-
toxic low temperature melting alloy that
works well in a nitrogen based controlled
atmosphere furnace. The brazing material is
lead free and there is no post-braze treatment
required, such as rinsing. Binders and braze
alloys can be applied to the tubes, fin tips or
headers by spraying, brushing or rolling. After
brazing, the brazed copper-brass joints are
significantly stronger than the solder metal
and do not suffer from galvanic corrosion.
Developed for this process, anneal resistant
header, fin and tube materials assure the
strength of the products.