flue gas analyzer / portable / modular / with built-in printer



  • Measured entity:

    flue gas

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    modular, with built-in printer, for boilers, combustion


Chemist 500 BE GREEN is the combustion gas analyzers range for all condensing boilers and biomass boilers. Seitron does introduce 8 different models: from 2 cells up to 4, with built in thermal printer. Chemist can have on board 15 different sensors, precalibrated and repleacable by the end users. The range offers 8 kit, among which Chemist 502C BE GREEN model, thought for pellets and wood boilers, and Chemist 500 X BE GREEN model, a modular gas analyzer where the customer can choose between 14 different cells, list available in the catalogue.


Compliant with EN 50379-1 and EN 50379-2 standards
Precalibrated gas sensors, user replaceable
3 consecutive analysis with average calculation and result printout
Internal memory for 500 analysis
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Recharging time: 6 hrs. up to 90%
Up to 60/70 analysis autonomy (with printouts)
Additional dilution pump for CO cell auto range, measurement up to 100.000 ppm (from Chemist 502 up)
Automatic autozero with sampling probe in the stack
Self diagnostic function with sensors status
32 additional programmable fuels
10 different preprogrammed languages
Dimensions: Analyzer 270x93x68 (HxWxD), weight 0,9 Kg - Kit 130x510x430mm, weight 3,4 Kg
Internal pressure probe for high precision draught measurement - UNI 10845
Automatic calculation of gas pipes volume
4 Pa Test
QR code generation for analyses detail by using the APP