in-line density meter
-20 °C...130 °C, DN 80, ATEX Halar / PFA



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The LiquiSonic® is an exceptionally engineered device that delivers accurate measurements of density and concentration in process liquids such as chemicals, solvents or pharmaceuticals. The flanged sensor is perfectly qualified for use in applications involving aggressive liquids in danger zones. The sensor harnesses the speed of sound waves to provide incredibly precise measurement of concentration values of liquids. The readings are entirely unaffected by the transparency, color or conduction ability of the liquids that are being tested.

The device and its measuring components are structured from SS and equipped with PFA or Halar coating for resilience to corrosive liquids. It is compliant with DN 80 criteria. Its tough and high-tech construction assures long-lasting durability and zero maintenance in operations. It can be fitted directly into the vessel or pipe conveying the liquid, thereby eliminating the need for a bypass or cumbersome alterations to the assembly.

The sensor is armed with the avant-garde LiquiSonic® signal-analysis technology which serves to deliver exceptional exactitude and consistency in measurements along with per second updates.