liquid sampler / stainless steel
Cobra SS

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liquid sampler / stainless steel liquid sampler / stainless steel - Cobra SS


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    stainless steel


Designed for longevity, the Sentry Cobra SS liquid sampler boasts a variety of unique features that makes it simpler to install and easier to operate. Made of stainless steel or other exotic materials, the sampler meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. All of our Cobra SS units use the Cobra-designed sampling valve that allows throttling and control of sample flow. The Cobra needle design provides ample time for air and other gases to be expelled. Representative samples are assured by following step-by-step procedures printed on the system.

The Cobra SS sampler includes a multi-turn handle that permits precise flow control, while a full bore flow path ensures that no pressure is lost while the sample is being taken. The standard units come with our special coaxial needle system, the risk of bent or broken needles is reduced dramatically. The Cobra sampling valve has been specifically designed for process sampling, and protects against contamination to ensure the safety of the operator while maintaining the integrity of every sample taken.

Designed for sampling low vapor pressure liquids (<18 psia) and low process pressure (<140 psi)
Cobra flow-through valve allows constant representative process flow, allowing immediate sampling
Provides a low-emission sample that is representative of the process
Compliant with all EPA and LDAR requirements
Safe for operator and environment
Optional N2 needle purge
Optional refillable captured vent canister