lithium battery / high-temperature / for electric vehicles / 24 V
Electric Bicycle series



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-temperature, for electric vehicles

  • Voltage:

    24 V, 36 V, 48 V

  • Nominal voltage:

    24 V, 36 V, 48 V


Goldencell-24V/36V/48V-10Ah Lithium battery for e-bikes. It comes in various combinations so it can meet the specifications of different users. Even after 1500 cycles, the battery delivers 80% of its capacity. With a large current, it is possible to quick charge and discharge. The battery offers a wide operation temperature range starting from -20C to +75C. The battery is extremely small and lightweight. The battery can be charged or discharged at any state because it doesn't have memory. As it doesn't contain heavy metals, rare metals, pollution-free and non-toxic, these battery are extremely safe and environment-friendly. It is RoHS compliant too.