LiFePO4 battery / cylindrical / UL / for power tools
26650 series

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LiFePO4 battery / cylindrical / UL / for power tools LiFePO4 battery / cylindrical / UL / for power tools - 26650 series


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    UL, for power tools, for electric vehicles, for solar applications, IEC, CE


LiFePO4 26650-3.2V Lithium Battery

Product Name: Lithium-ion battery

Standard Capacity:2300-3400mAh

Standard Voltage:3.2V

This is a high-powered lithium LiFePO4-type battery with a 3.3V nominal voltage and 2,300mAH rated capacity. Its maximum continuous discharge current is 15C. It offers a wide operation temperature from -40 to -60 degrees Celsius. Compared to alkaline batteries, it can work under low temperatures and also offers a life of over ten years.

Internal resistance is ≤15mΩ, while the standard charge time is a mere three hours and the quick charge time is 1.5 hours. The battery has many uses in applications such as UPS power supply, instrumentation, electric tools, energy storage units, etc. Its discharge cut-off voltage is 2.3V. The pulse discharge at five seconds is 69A.

Additional advantages include an environmentally-friendly design and good performance in large current discharging.