printed circuit board supercapacitor / for electronics

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printed circuit board supercapacitor / for electronics printed circuit board supercapacitor / for electronics - SR2R7206Z-L


  • Configuration:

    for printed circuit boards

  • Other characteristics:

    for electronics

  • Voltage:

    2,700 mV

  • Capacitance:

    20 F


Cylindrical type super capacitor of GOLDENCELL Electronics with model number SR2R7206Z-LL Voltage is designed with 2.7 voltages and 20 F capacities. The capacitor has highest capacity, less internal resistance and good uniformity. The environment friendly carbonate electrolytes are available with the capacitors and these produce less noise pollution. The product can bear the highest temperature load and the shelving characteristics for the temperature. These products are higher level in quality as compared to domestic products. The discharge performance of the product is excellent at the room temperature and the cycle times are more than 500,000 times. The product requires no maintenance.
The product can be used for various applications, including as a power source or a backup power source for VIDEO, AUDIO, CMOS, RAM,VCR, camera, printer, handheld scanner, radio, telephone, television, computer, LED display, relay, electronic buzzer, electric toy, consumer electronics, intellectual domestic appliances, radio communication device, intellectual "three-meter", tax control machine, solar power lamp, toy, electromagnetic valve, LED display screen, electric vehicle, hybrid power car, automotive audio, electric tool, wind electric power generation, industrial UPS and peak applications.