printed circuit board supercapacitor / double-layer / for electronics
SC5R5334Z series



  • Configuration:

    for printed circuit boards

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    for electronics

  • Voltage:

    5,500 mV

  • Capacitance:

    330 µF


Product Features

1. The product has high capacitance, low internal resistance, and good consistency;

2. environment friendly

3. The product has good high temperature load and high temperature shelving characteristics, which are higher than the level of the similar domestic products;

4. At room temperature, the product has good discharge performance, and the cycle times are more than 500,000 times, and the product is free of maintenance.

Product Applications

As a power source or a backup power source for:

VIDEO, AUDIO, CMOS, RAM, VCR, camera, printer, handheld scanner, radio, telephone, television, computer, LED display, relay, electronic buzzer, electric toy, consumer electronics, intellectual household appliances, radio communication device, intellectual "three-meter", tax control machine, solar power lamp, toy, electromagnetic valve, LED display screen, electric vehicle, hybrid power car, automotive audio, electric tool, wind electric power generation, industrial UPS, peak power compensation, direct current screen.