single-cylinder road roller / vibrating / articulated



  • Type:


  • Options:

    vibrating, articulated

  • Operating weight:

    26,000 kg, 26,200 kg (57,320.2 lb)

  • Engine power:

    160 kW (217.54 hp)


The Shantui SR26-5 rollers are the result of countless years of research and development. These bulldozers represent a departure from Shantui's classic line of rollers. These new units offer a range of improvements including vibratory technology, enhanced user controls, and improved operator comfort features. Additionally these units have been carefully crafted to offer a greatly extended product life span. These rollers are becoming recognized world wide as the best bulldozers in its class. These new machines feature a sleek and modern exterior design, and an enlarged ergonomic operator compartment that has been developed with an eye to increased operator comfort. Controls have been systematically placed to increase operator productivity while reducing operator discomfort and fatigue. This unit is appropriate for use on large projects like dams, berms, ports, etc.