single-cylinder road roller / vibrating / articulated



  • Type:


  • Options:

    vibrating, articulated

  • Operating weight:

    16,000 kg, 16,500 kg (35,274 lb)

  • Engine power:

    112 kW (152.28 hp)


The SR16 roller is a vibratory roller, which is weighty and totally hydraulic, that is possible to tote out compacting work on other road and construction projects through its own weight and vibration force. It is applicable with different non-cohesive components like crushed stone, sand or gravel mixtures, concrete and gravel. The SR16 is a recommended compaction device for mines, industrial sites, highways, ports and airports.

The product is composed of international branded parts as it is made up of a double-frequency two amplitude vibration system, a full hydraulic drive system, comfortable operation, an ergonomic control system, a suspension seat, etc.