single-cylinder road roller / vibrating / articulated



  • Type:


  • Options:

    vibrating, articulated

  • Operating weight:

    19,800 kg, 21,900 kg (43,651.5 lb)

  • Engine power:

    128 kW, 136 kW (174.03 hp)


SR20M roller is a heavy duty vibratory roller has its own weight and vibration force, is highly reliable and efficient, and thus used for different road and construction projects. The roller can be used with a host of non-cohesive materials like gravel, sand/gravel mixtures, crushed stone and concrete. Applications of the equipment include highways, mines, dams, industrial sites, airports, ports and groundwork on construction projects. The equipment has a mechanical drive and an electrically controlled power shift transmission. Equipment allows for hydraulic vibration and steering. With its unique gas pipeline control, there will be convenient and flexible operation of brake and clutch, making it reliable and safe. The roller is integrated with double amplitude vibration and dual frequency. A single lever helps control the gear shift and drive operations.