fully-automatic strapping machine / for cartons / for film / for cardboard boxes
SKH-1212 | CE,UL,ISO



  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for cartons, for film, for cardboard boxes, pallet

  • Other characteristics:

    bundle, horizontal

  • Strap width:

    Min.: 9.5 mm (0.4 in)

    Max.: 15.5 mm (0.6 in)

  • Height:

    Min.: 1,000 cm (393.7 in)

    Max.: 2,000 cm (787.4 in)

  • Width:

    Min.: 500 cm (196.9 in)

    Max.: 1,200 cm (472.4 in)


Feeding speed of the belt: 4.6m/second
Tension force, infinite regulation: 200—2500N
Material of belt: PET
Width of belt: 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 15.5mm
Thickness of belt: 0.6—0.8mm
Strapping efficiency: 13-15 seconds/strapping
Strapping height: Max. 2000mm
Strapping width: Max. 1200mm
Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz
Control Voltage: 24V
Power: 3Kw
Belt roll Inner diameter: 406mm
Width: 150mm
Belt roll width: 150mm
Strapping position tolerance: ±25mm