horizontal stretch wrapper / automatic / stretch film / with conveyor



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    stretch film, with conveyor


The GG series horizontal stretch wrapping machine is widely used for wrapping welding tube, conductor, seamless pipe, steel pipe, copper tube, aluminum tube, aluminum profile, plastic straight pipe, bars, sheets and other long-shaped products. The wrapped product is well sealed and decorated, also has good effect of dust-proof, water-proof, anti-wear and anti-damage.

- PLC control system is adopted.
- Automatic fault alarming.
- Friction structure adopted for safe, steady and strong operation
- Automatic object tracking, precise positioning, convenient and safe for operation.
- Special tension adjust system ensures uniform tension of the packing material.
- Equipped with mechanical hand for automatic packing material feeding and cutting, safe and efficient.
- The protective rollers are wrapped by polyurethane, can well protect the object from scratches.
- Soft start and soft stop ensure safe operation.
- Independent control cabinet, convenient for operation and maintenance.