water filter cartridge / fine / stainless steel mesh / for general purpose
MeshSEP series



  • Media:


  • Type of filtration:


  • Material:

    stainless steel mesh

  • Applications:

    for general purpose

  • Field:

    industrial, heavy-duty

  • Removal rating:

    Min.: 5 µm

    Max.: 200 µm


MeshSEP Series Filter Cartridge is vacuum sintered with serval optimal stainless steel mesh layers. Its rating ranges from 5μm to 200μm. It has features of precise filtration rating, heavy duty, high thermostability, being easy to clean and regenerate, low consumption cost, thus is particularly suitable for applications of high temperature, strong solvents and high pressure.

■ Multi-layer sintered, optimal combination, heavy duty
■ Excellent permeability, low pressure drop
■ Easy to clean and back-flushing
■ No fiber dropping, high thermostability and chemical resistance