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spraying machine spraying machine - SSCE-206-190


SSCE 206-190 Inner Pipe Spraying Machine
SSCE 206-190 Inner Pipe Spraying Machine provides an effective solution for highly difficult inner pipes coating spray. The machine enables even paint spraying with a desirable speed.
SSCE 206-190 Inner Pipe Spraying Machine consists of four parts----motile stents, start controlling system, spray gun and air vent pipe against high pressure. The machine can only work when equipped with vacuum air vent pump. The minimum required ratio of vacuum pump is 30:1, while the optimum work efficiency can be achieved when the vacuum pump ratio reaches 45:1.
The key designing part of the SSCE Inner Pipe Spraying Machine is its start controlling system, which allows the users to start or stop paint spraying by switching on/off button in rotating sprinkler. The SSCE Inner Pipe Spraying Machine features easy yet highly efficient inner pipe spraying method. Our high speed and high precision coating application technology will bring you tremendous benefit in terms of saving your time as well as your money.

Key Features:
●High efficiency with wide spraying range
●Even distribution with high speed
●No need for turning motor
●Special nozzle guarantees the accuracy of paint spraying