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elevator motion control system / multi-axis / single-phase / advanced
EC160 Series



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    for elevators



EC160 elevator intelligent integrated machine is a new elevator intelligent control system developed under the design concept that integrates drive, control and network communication together. It adopts advanced V/F control technology, elevator intelligent control technology and network communication technology, integrating elevator drive, control and management together.

Basic Performance

1. Resources reducing in elevator installation, debugging, operation and management
2. Max. speed: 3m/s, highest floor: 36
3. Intelligent network group control can control 8 elevators at the same time
4. Embedded high-performance starting compensation technology of non-weighing sensor
5. CANBUS for communication in the car, MODBUS or CANBUS for external communication
6. Low voltage emergency rescue mode of AC220V single-phase UPS, light load direction search
7. Safety enabling hardware input conform to EN81 standards

Special Functions

a. Integrated with control and I/O interface, the compact structure saves installation space for control cabinet
b. The integration of encoder interfaces of synchronous and asynchronous motors satisfies stock generalization
c. Hand terminal:independent HMI,online Chinese-English help system ,functions of debugging permission management,debugging trace management ,parameters unloading / downloading and computer data copying
d. Add TCP/IP internet module for remote debugging or control
e. Support TCP/IP protocol remote monitor

Brochure and Manual: