TFT display module / graphic / with touch screen / 800 x 600



  • Type:

    TFT, graphic, with touch screen

  • Features:

    800 x 600

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Main Parameters
Item 8" inch TFT Smart LCD Module
Color depth: 65k color
Resolution: 800(RGB)x600
Backlight Type: LEDs
Outline Size: 196(W)x143.9(H)x17.2(D) mm
Active Area: 162(W)x121.5(H) mm
Pixel Configuration: RGB Stripe
Operating Voltage: 12V
Viewing Angle: 6.00 o'clock
Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C~ +80°C
Display Mode: Transmissive
IC: LPC1853JET256,BGA256

Smart LCD Main features:

- RS232-C interface, connect to a windows PC
- Wide operating temperature
- 4-wire High reliability resistive touch screen (Optional)
- Rich software instructions for graphics, text and picture operations
- TML files and image files preload through this terminal
- VP variables memory is inside RAM area
- Standard “USB-drive” functions provided
- ASCII and GB code for text display
- The workload of the host system can be much reduced
- Total system cost can be cut down as the design of whole system raised
- Industrial level structure and hardware design
- Comply with ROHS.