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energy saving system
ECU1/ECU2 Series

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energy saving system energy saving system - ECU1/ECU2 Series


Do you know how much electric power your hydraulic power supply unit consumes?
A conventional hydraulic power supply unit for fatigue and endurance testing machines runs continuously at full power to be able to generate the maximum test force and test speed at any time. As the hydraulic power supply unit is selected to provide the maximum capacity for the expected testing, the power consumption may be excessive under some test conditions.
Installing an Eco Unit can cut power consumption by up to approximately 50 %*!
The Eco Unit reduces the power from the hydraulic power supply unit according to the test conditions and circumstances to save energy.

The hydraulic power supply unit runs at reduced power in standby status.

* For ECU2 in 60 Hz area. (Max. 30 % for ECU1.)

Power Savings with Energy-Saving Operation
■ Retrofit to existing hydraulic power supply units
An Eco Unit can be retrofitted to an existing QF-A/QF-B/AF Series hydraulic power supply unit.

(A model 4830 servo controller is required to set energy-saving operation.)
■ Remote operation
Energy-saving settings (motor set frequency and supply pressure) for the hydraulic power supply unit can be set from the model 4830 servo controller or Windows software. (Patent pending)
■ Optimal energy-saving operation performed automatically
If the Windows software is used with the Eco Unit, the optimal energy-saving operation can be performed automatically according to the test conditions and circumstances. It ensures effective energy-saving operation while performing the target testing.