paddle mixer / continuous / solid/liquid / powder
DLMZ Series

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paddle mixer / continuous / solid/liquid / powder paddle mixer / continuous / solid/liquid / powder - DLMZ Series


  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    solid/liquid, powder, solid, granulates

  • Application domain:

    for the chemical industry, for the plastics industry, for sludge and lime, for the textile industry, for the recycling industry

  • Other characteristics:

    twin-shaft, stainless steel, horizontal, variable-speed, single-shaft, high-performance, constant speed, combined heating/cooling, high-capacity, low-pressure


Different from traditional batch type mixer, continuous mixer provide a more economical alternation for big capacity to meet process requirement. The weighing, loading, mixing and discharge steps finish simultaneously and continuously in a continuous mixing process. For many applications, continuous mixing offers a cost effective alternative to traditional batch mixing with lower processing costs and fewer labor requirements. The continuous mixer can handle up to 5 different materials at one time, mixing powders with another powder, powder with a liquid or several liquids together to create a homogeneous product free of any agglomerates or lumps.

Different types of mixing elements can be designed such as paddle, plough shovel and ribbon etc.
Adjustable mixing elements and shaft speed for flexibility to mix a wide variety of materials in an efficient manner.
De-agglomerate device can be added for applications where materials need to be de-agglomerated.
Big Capacity is available for wide range of applications and industries.
ISO approved

Dry Powder
Dry Powder with liquid additives

Life Science
Building Material

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