wind direction sensor
T033 TDV

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wind direction sensor wind direction sensor - T033 TDV


Measure principle: the sensing element consists of a counterbalanced vane coupled to a magnet, an Hall effect sensor detect the position of the magnet, calculating in this way the position of the weathervane. These characteristics warranty a very accurate angular resolution.

Intelligent sensor: The transducer belongs to the intelligent sensor family as based on a micro-processor chip that execute among other functions: the correct control functioning, data pre-processing, electrical signal A/D conversion etc. This characteristics warranty excellent accuracy, long-term stability and high data reliability.

Laboratory calibration: The sensor can be supplied with a SIAP+MICROS calibration certificate or with calibration certificates issues by external primary metrological services (SIT, Colonetti, ecc).

Housing materials and International standards: The dimensions of the vane and materials used warranty high sensibility, low mechanical inertia and a low starting threshold. The transducer complies with CE EMC standards, it’s protected against over tensions and is fully compliant within the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) standards.

Heated version: on the heated version (t034 TDVR), through an external controller it’s possible to activate the heater elements in order to avoid the ice development over the moving mechanical components.