metal polishing machine / for flat parts / tube / automatic



  • Machined material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for flat parts, tube

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, brush

  • Associated function:



Special machine to polish small items: pipes, caps, rings etc., made of brass, steel, plexiglas etc.
The first piece is clamped between 2 live centers (mounted on a 3-positions dividing table). At every rotation of the dividing table, a piece (from the load position) moves on to the first working station (rough machining), where it starts turning; the piece in the first working station moves on to the second one (finishing), while the piece situated into the second station returns into the load position, than it is picked up and replaced with a new working piece. Each working group is equipped with 2 slides, the one allowing the approach of the polishing brushes to the piece, the other allowing the longitudinal sliding of the brushes in the 2 directions. The working cycle is controlled by a timer and the rotation of the pieces by an adjustable-speed motor.