automatic belling machine / for PE pipes / for PP pipes



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    for PE pipes, for PP pipes


Everbell 1/2/3 (PSP) belling machines are for rigid PE, PP pipes, for single or multisocketing, with PSP setup which is Sica patented. The (Sica patented) PSP system lets the forming sockets with internal calibration and averts the impulsive shrinkage of sockets, even after being exposed to atmospheric powers for a long time . It can intelligently handle.

Everbell prohibits pipe handling arms from moving when the pipe is not in a constant sequence which means the equipment prevents loss of productivity as it does not work without load. It has a high hourly production rate, even more than 900 sockets per hour. It can do belling even of short socket pieces. It can produce solvent-cement sockets and sockets with gasket seats. You can produce double sockets by pairing two machines. Everbell has a heating system which has 3 contact ovens along with 3 thermo-controlled zones. This grants uniform heating even of thick-walled pipes.